Brick & Mortar Places

Rock N Sports

Located in my old hometown of Warrensburg Missouri, on 113 N. Holden Street, this store is the best in my opinion for being as real as it gets for collectors. The owner, a collector and vast knowledge base in human form, sells vinyl, sports cards, games, movies, game systems, really a huge spectrum of various collections. If you are a collector and you want to see an inventory that is literally unparalleled and constantly changing up, you have to check out this place. But you don't have to take my word for it, check out the Facebook page or the Ebay page.

A to Z Comics

Located in Blue Springs, Missouri, 1300 SW Hwy 40, this place is a great, neat, laid back comic shop, filled with collectibles, card games, boxes and boxes of comics, shelves of new graphic novels, rare and uncommon toys from various lines (this was the first place I saw ElfQuest action figures in person). It's a great location with a lot of parking, and I've found that younger kids like the non rushed, non crowded feel in there from what I've observed. If you're around or just passing through and want a nice friendly place to get your comic/retro toy fix on, stop by! You can find more info on the Facebook Page or on the website