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WAR: Age of Reckoning Ravenhost Stein

These steins are handcrafted in the Old-World style with fine-grain stoneware by the world-renowned stein artisans of Ceramarte, our limited-production steins feature panoramic, bas-relief sculpting of exclusive artwork by top Warhammer visionary, Eric Polak. Each exquisite stein stands over 10" tall (25.4cm), weighs a hefty 3 lbs. (1.36kg.), and is topped with a sculpted pewter lid, or for those that want a rarer treasure, a limited signed version topped with an 18K gold lid. 

Two initial designs, one for the Empire and one for the RavenHost debuted what could have led to a very awesome line of stoneware covering many of the other factions that were in the game (and some like Chaos Dwarves which only recently have been hinted to had Age of Reckoning gone on longer...)
This stein is a monster of a collectible. And its grotesque beauty is something to really behold. I had been in search of any version of this for quite some time, and was lucky enough to come across one in an odd set of circumstances.
Colors are rich, details profound and striking. The pewter lid is not as nice of a casting as the 18K ones I have seen in person, but does have a good quality of detail to it.
The first time I held one of these, I was astounded by the even weight and the sturdiness. Filled with liquid (yes, I drank from it after participating in a City Siege) it is very heavy, but easy to drink out of. And of course, NOT dishwasher friendly.
Details, details, details... I only noticed recently that the "unarmoured" areas on the body of the stein appear to represent being made up of stitched and flayed flesh.

The lid has some nice decorative skulls and a Chaos emblem on the thumb lever, while the center of the cap has a nice embossed WAR symbol on it.
The bottom of the standard edition shows the legal and creative information on it, but lacks the signature of Eric Polak that is on the gold lidded versions.

I played Dark Elves almost exclusively when I was in game, and I do have to say that both versions, the Empire and the RavenHost ones were nicely done. But it would have been really nice to see what kind of design would have eventually ever been made for the Dark Elves. 

As luck would have it, a little digging unearthed these images of the initial prototypes and only known public photos of the Dwarven Oathbearers Stein and the Orc Stein.

(Left) Side detail of the Oathbearers Stein. Really love the look of this one, particularly the handle. (Right) Orc Stein featuring familiar greenskin motifs and some brutal themed graphics. These two were both cancelled some month after being announced, and from all I can find out, just these two prototypes exist.
The 18K Gold version is quite frankly, amazing looking and just that extra touch of precious metal gives the designs something that is just so much more intense.
Overall, any of these beauties from TavernCraft are amazing additions to the collections of fans of Warhammer Fantasy, and especially those who played Warhammer Online.

Up next in this trilogy of rare items from Warhammer Online, is one that at first I thought was a fan made creation, but the person whom I managed to get it from said it was one of the rarer and more low key items that belonged (probably not unlike the Launch Party Stein) to a few of the members of Mythic, developers of Age of Reckoning.

Thanks for reading! Take care of the loves in your life, promote the well being of history, never forget the Library of Alexandria, and I'll see you next time!

-Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist  

Stats Rating/Information
Item WAR: Age of Reckoning Ravenhost Stein
Made by Taverncraft
Rarity Rare (Ultra Rare "Legendary" version has gold lid, and only 500 made of each)
Classification Modern - Release in limited numbers in 2010
Condition Mint Condition - Never used.
Procured Kansas City
Worth $120 to $500 (depending on version)
Investment $25
Further Research -n/a-
Trivia & Fun Facts While playing the MMORPG WAR, a player code enter the provided code with this tankard and get a coveted gift from the great hall of the Warlord Tchar'zanek. Drinking from this stein will grant a +15% bonus to Experience, Renown, and Influence for 120 minutes.

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