Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ThinkGeek Video Game Controller Ornaments

ThinkGeek has successfully become one of the places that for a while now, has beat my checking account to a pulp. But in recent months, I'd become a bit more discerning in things I picked up, trying to stay to either only Star Wars or Sega related sort of items.

This particular set was literally one where I saw it at the last minute and just had enough extra cash to get it as well, since I wanted to deck out a mini christmas tree perhaps next year at work in my cubicle. So miniature video game controllers seemed like a perfect idea. I'm glad I ordered it when I did as literally the next week, the listing for this item was GONE. You can still find the link on google, but the page has been deleted, and according to the help line, this set was discontinued and will not be made again. I don't believe it was on the site for very long, but it seems to have become pretty rare pretty quickly. As of 12:12 AM Dec 21, there are about five active auctions for this set all around the $20 range. So if you missed this set, that's the only route you have now to get them.
The packaging is nice enough, but the plastic box seems to have a heck of a lot of shelf wear on it. Not a deal breaker, but one reason why I don't like clear plastic boxes on items I collect.

Back of box.

(Top) Both sides of box have the controllers in black and white. (Bottom) The bottom of the box.
The internal plastic bubble area can be used as a repeat storage box, as it's sturdy enough, and the ornaments all fit back in fairly snug.

I never owned a PSOne. But just about everyone else I knew did, including my brother and sister. That's about the only memory I have of this system. Otherwise, I could have taken or left this particular ornament.

I think I was the only kid on my block that owned a Sega Master System, not an NES growing up. So while cool, this one did not that much for me.

The Sega Genesis one looks quite accurate and is probably the cleanest/sharpest paint job out of the set.
The Atari controller color is hard to mess up. Seriously. It's all black with an orange/red button on it.
The form factor of all of the controllers are very accurate to the real things, but are actually a bit heavier because of them being made of polystone.
Scale wise, they were larger than I thought they would be, just a bit smaller than your average round ornament. (Inset: The Genesis controller ornament in comparison to an actual game pad, the retro-bit Genesis controller)
Overall, with the exception of there being no logos on them (which, I mean if you are handy with paint pens and maybe even getting some vinyl block out sticker masks, you could easily put the logos on these), this set is pretty cool. I've not always been one to seek out ornaments. I have a few that are Star Wars related, and I think an Elsa one would be cool, but these were the first ones that I was super excited to get. I am pretty happy with the look, feel, and finish.

Until next time, cherish the good things in life, keep your hobbies and interests alive, and be kind to your fellow beings. - Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist.
Stats Rating/Information
Item Video Game Controller Ornaments
Made by ThinkGeek
Rarity Uncommon - Has been discontinued.
Classification Modern - Released in 2014
Condition Excellent - Box has some shelf wear.
Procured Online from ThinkGeek
Worth $20 (starting to rise on the secondary market now)
Investment $14
Further Research N/A
Trivia & Fun Facts The controllers in this set represent the systems that reigned as the top contenders of their time, which of course were the Nintendo Entertainment System (8 bit era), the Sega Genesis (16 bit era), the Sony Playstation (32 bit era), and the Atari 2600 (pre 8 bit era).

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