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Made in Hell: A hot sauce as fierce as Doyle von Frankenstein's guitar style.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. One of the most intimidating men I've ever met. I saw the Misfits three amazing times during the Michale Graves/Chud era, and when I finally got the nerve to talk to Doyle I found him to be a man of few words, imposing nature, and well spoken.
Welcome to the first entry on this blog covering aspects of food, specifically my new favorite hot sauce. How is the love of hot sauce even considered a hobby? Well my friends, there are foodies, chefs, all kinds of people involved in everything from cookbooks to cooking shows that put out all kinds of things with forums, classes, clubs and events all centered around them.

My particular interests lay within the niches of things like pastas, hot sauces, and teas. I'm no food critic, but I do plan on covering (occasionally) some of my favorites that move over into the realm that some of you fellow hobbyists might appreciate.

So when I learned that one of my all time favorite guitarists, Doyle, had his own hot sauce? Well, I was a bit hesitant. I mean, this is a guy known for killer chops, muscles to spare, and an intense musical repertoire. He custom makes his own instruments to his exacting needs, how would this sauce hold up? Did he make it? Did it actually taste good?

Read on!

Intimidation and information. This a great look and design to the bottle and label.
First of all, because I have a background in design, I am a sucker for package design. This one was so inline with the persona of Doyle, and it's eye catching to boot. I know that the next thing that caught my eye was the Basil in the list of ingredients. That's not usually something I see in hot sauces.

A small bio and three point listing of FairTrade, 100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free are nice to see on the label. (Though I have a slight belief that many that are using this sauce are not vegan...)
Victor the Undertaker pulls out all the stops to get you to have an experience when you get your sauce from him. His main line can even be shipped to you in hand built wooden coffins. I loved every bit of opening this up and seeing all of the extras he'd included.

The old school coffins and caskets advert on the back of the list of items/thank you note was great. Loved that bit.
When I was a kid, there were companies that did this sort of thing. Thankfully, there are some companies still holding onto what clearly is an entrenched love of kids from the 70's and 80's (and the 50's according to my dad), and I am the kind of overgrown kid that is enamored with this kind of effort. (It's why I pack extras with my own stuff I sell.)
And three great little treats were included. Vic, you've got me very excited so far with how well you do this sort of thing.

Now this is "flavor" text.
Again, the presentation is on the spot. I've gotten excited and want to put this new sauce by Doyle and Victor under scrutiny against two of my food standards...

Siriracha, AC Delco Garlic Hot Sauce, and Doyle's Made in Hell.
I needed an even playing field to get this taste test going, and wanted something to showcase the texture and color of what I was going to eat. One home made pizza baked 15 minutes later, I had the cheesy substrate upon which I would lay upon the skewers of sauces.

(Left) Siriracha (Center) Garlic Hot Sauce (Right) Made in Hell
I tried three slices of pizza with each of the above on them. Made in Hell surprised me off the get go because first, that sauce looks PISSED off. It has a gorgeous deep red color, coarse ground pepper in it, and an aroma that lets you know you are about to get a punch to the head in flavor wrapped in a fist of heat.

Its damn good. It does not have the odd tang of Siriracha, nor the over reliance of vinegar that the Garlic Sauce did. It's honestly like no other hot sauce I've had. Full bodied, and incredible on cheese pizza.

Since that first try, I've put it on a lot of other things (even a full baby romaine salad) and it does not play around. It gives a slight Italian sort of zing to food, but has enough heat to make your favorite food better. No, it's not habanero or ghost pepper heat, and that's not what Made in Hell is all about. This is a great everyday hot sauce. Would I like to see one made with a bit of Ghost Pepper in it, but based on the same sort of spices? Yes. But only if it keeps the flavor that is so good in this one.

Victor the Undertaker, you've got a new fan in me. Keep doing what you're doing. Because it's awesome. I can't wait to try the rest you've got in your line up.

Until next time, cherish the good things in life, keep your hobbies and interests alive, and be kind to your fellow beings. - Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist.
Stats Rating/Information
Item Doyle's MADE IN HELL Hot Sauce
Made by Victor "The Undertaker" Ives and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
Rarity Only available online.
Classification Hot but not so much as to overwhelm food flavors.
Condition N/A
Procured Online through
Worth N/A
Investment $8 plus shipping
Further Research
Trivia & Fun Facts Doyle joined the legendary punk band the Misfits in October 1980 at the age of 16, forming what many older fans consider the penultimate lineup which also included Glenn Danzig on vocals, Jerry Only on bass, and Arthur Googy on drums.  

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