Saturday, June 25, 2016

A small clip of toy making from the 60's, Matchbox style

As many of you know the only diecasts I currently collect are the Disney Cars ones, but it's always fun to look back at how diecast toys were once made, in this case, in the Matchbox die cast days in the 60's!

This sort of set up is just virtually non existent today from all I've seen.
I worked on drafting tables like that one above in shop class back in high school. Built like a German tank (I think they were manufactured in Germany now that I think of it). I like my lighter weight drawing table, but these were the kind you could probably fend off nuclear fallout with.
There is a wonderful quaint charm to the look of these that modern diecasts just don't capture anymore.
Now understand, I love modern toys and how accurate they are because of scanning tech, 3D rendering, the whole "CREATED FROM THE FILES USED IN THE MOVIE" sort of thing is big now. And sure, that's great.

But there is a bit of character and abstraction that is missing from modern diecast cars because of those very reasons. I loved that there was just enough impression and detail to look very much like their larger counterparts, but that all the cars still retained more than a bit of that hand work quality, because it was honestly there!
I had been wondering if getting a lab coat for my studio would be worth it. These guys must be onto something...
The small clip is below that these images come from, it has that whole, early 50s/60s safety/industrial sort of feel to it, but man is it just awesome to watch. Well, if you are into toys and stuff like that it is.

What sort of diecasts do you all collect? Or have you just been turned off by the modern onslaught of them?

Till next time!
- Mario, the Artisan Rogue

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