Saturday, August 15, 2015

When an internet Troll actually makes a point.

Probably the first time I've enjoyed an internet Troll doing his thing.
Now of course many of you by now have figured out that the individual above is a guy that started up a fake account and started speaking out on behalf of Target, not for any real reason other than to mess with people. I love that it took HOURS for Target to disavow his actions and for his account to get shut down. The customer service people must have had the times of their lives watching this guy eviscerate people verbally with some of the funniest dry humor this side of the UK. Personally, for some reason I read all the comments in

I didn't want to address this subject on here, as I am working on a Podcast that will address it (and be linked up on here later), but the very idea that parents are so worried about toys being aligned to predetermined sexual orientation is just bizarre. I can promise you many parents once they are home and busy, and life is going a million miles a minute as a parent with a job or home life to deal with,... they do not care what in the world the kids are playing with so long as they are being quiet. Any parent telling you otherwise is lying or just so OCD about all that, it's not funny.

All I have to say about this is, toys are toys. If toys are able to fire the imaginations of children no matter the gender to allow for more freedom of expression and understanding of life... who really cares?

Anyway, take a listen to my latest podcast and let me know your thoughts below if you'd like. Until next time, support your local artists, and I'll see you next time. - Mario, the Artisan Rogue

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