Saturday, September 5, 2015

Force Friday - Am I getting too old for this? Nah!

You know, as much as people may groan and complain about Star Wars, there is something for me that has a sense of memory and purity of enjoyment, especially in days like what we live in now, that help bring at least for a diverse group of people together in a way that few other things can.

Now as everyone by now knows, there was a forthcoming weekend called Force Friday that was going to be the unleashing of a lot of new Star Wars merchandise. Some retailers had dropped the ball early, and had some of the shirts out and in public hands before everyone realized what had happened...
Some of the shirts were showing up... mere whispers of better and bigger things to come.
So for the rest of us, we waited and gathered in the night at various places. Waiting for 12:01 am to hit. For myself, my brother and a good sized groups of other hardcore fans. Toys R Us was where we chose to experience this.

If you'd like to listen along, I recorded a podcast that evening while I was still on Cloud City 9.

The line outside my local TRUs, just a bit over 130 people by the time the doors opened.
Free LEGO commemorative brick, and bad ass poster of Kylo Ren.
A bit of a dash over to the far right hand side of the store...
and before you know it, people were all over a good portion of the stuff to see.
The store set up was pretty cool. Good number of the Pop Vinyls and larger Lego sets were left.
What is this? 1985? We found G.I. Joe two packs with Steel Brigade, Spirit, Storm Shadow and Iron Grenadiers.
Proof that my brother and I were here on this day, and the patient register guy that rang us up.
As quickly as it happened, it was over and the store was closed.
A quick dash to Wal-Mart was where some of the group went, where my brother got me this killer shirt.
The Toys R Us haul was the previously mentioned freebies, this blade builders advert, and a Captain Phasma that had fallen behind some wookies in the ensuing madness to grab things. <-- It's fun as an adult to say these sort of things now.
As well as this unbelievably beautiful new X-Wing. I really wanted this particular Lego set to be what I got on this day.
All in all, it was a great time, yeah, I am seriously tired, but I feel like a kid again right now. Or, at least more than I normally do each day of my arrested development life. I hope those of you that made it out enjoyed yourselves and also had a great experience!

Until next time, I'm Mario, the Artisan Rogue. May the Force be with you!

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